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The Warmth of a Winter Fire… Not so Fast!

Raymond and the fire

Fire is a major cause of loss to homeowners and businesses alike. While the video clip has a humorous tone and happy ending, it does not always end up so comical.

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Power Out! Temps Below Freezing… How can you Prevent Damage to your House?

Old snow

We are experiencing frigid temps here in the NY Metro region. Most of us are faring well, managing to bear the brunt of winter, even if we cannot laugh in its face.

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Truth or Legend? No, not the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Headless Horseman

Many younger buyers witnessed the debacle of the housing collapse, which could have turned them off to real estate as a part of their investment. But all that is changing. According to, nearly 40% of home buyers in the last year are under age 36.

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The recent storms that wreaked havoc in Texas and Florida captured the heartfelt attention of our nation. We encourage everyone to contribute to the relief effort of their choice. We are all Americans pulling together for one another.

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Back to College? Check your Insurance…

College moving in

This may give an idyllic vision of move-in day at college, but we did come up with an actual reason to think about insurance for college bound students.

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OMG! Is that… Mold???

Mold removal

Mold and Leaks, scary words for us homeowners. Now is a good time to reconfirm what home insurance usually covers and does not cover.

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You Have a Choice


Options give us freedom. We appreciate options as well, and that’s why we offer a great group of insurance carriers to get you the best coverage.

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Help Secure Your Home with Tech and Tips

Video smart home

Traveling over the holiday season? Take an inside look at some new smart home technologies that may help keep your home more secure while you’re away.

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Driving Miss Daisy, or Millie, or Fred… the Risk of Using your Car as a Taxi


There is commercial insurance that you can buy that will properly insure you and your car if you decide to open shop as a livery/cab service.

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Back to School

School bus

Children do not always understand the danger that is present, and its best for us all to be aware our surroundings and move a bit slower when we see a school bus.

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