Headless Horseman

A recent report in Forbes.com relates that Millennials want to buy real estate!

The American is economy is recovering and with it, so it interest in home ownership. Many younger buyers witnessed the debacle of the housing collapse, which could have turned them off to real estate as a part of their investment. But all that is changing. According to Forbes.com, nearly 40% of home buyers in the last year are under age 36.

Here are some other interesting facts:

  • 49% of Millennials have at least one child, up from 43% only a few years ago
  • Millennials seek homes with a minimum of 2,375 square feet, despite the talk of them looking for smaller residences
  • They also like 4 bedrooms, some outdoor space, shower and tub in the master bath and hardwood floors on the main floor

Home Maintenance in the Fall

Here are some handy fall maintenance tips that we can use, whether we are looking sell the nest or nestle in for the winter, before the snow flies:

  • Clean the rain gutters, clogs prevent real issues when they fill with snow and ice
  • Check the roof for signs of wear, tear, or missing shingles
  • Check all exterior drains to be sure they are free of clutter
  • Caulk exterior gaps by windows and doors

Happy home maintenance!