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‘Get Real’ about new NY DMV ID

License ID

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicle is encouraging motorists to “get real.” Beginning on Oct. 1, 2020, a standard New York State driver’s license won’t be enough to get on even a domestic flight, and although that is more than two years away, the DMV is encouraging residents to get ahead of the game.

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Driving Miss Daisy, or Millie, or Fred… the Risk of Using your Car as a Taxi


There is commercial insurance that you can buy that will properly insure you and your car if you decide to open shop as a livery/cab service.

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Back to School

School bus

Children do not always understand the danger that is present, and its best for us all to be aware our surroundings and move a bit slower when we see a school bus.

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Who or WHAT is Behind the Wheel?

Driverless car

The day of the driverless car is upon us. It is no longer ambitious thinking by a writer in Popular Science; the technology is alive and well and thriving at auto manufacturers, and not just Tesla or Google. Companies like Ford are already testing and working with prototypes.

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Safe Driving Tips for your Teen

Teen driving video

With school returning in September, McCarthy Insurance highlight the need to talk to your teen about safe driving and responsibility.

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Frozen isn’t Just a Great Movie, it can Cause Damage

Ice city

Frozen is an acclaimed Disney movie, but there is nothing entertaining when it comes to frozen pipes and the watery mess that can result from this disaster.

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The 3 Second Rule That Could Save Your Life

Fall trees

Fall driving, that lovely time of year when the autumnal colors in the hills draw us all outside for that last glimpse before winter sets in. The fall can be a wonderful interlude, an invitation to get out on the road, explore those hidden drives that we normally don’t experience

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