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The Warmth of a Winter Fire… Not so Fast!

Raymond and the fire

Fire is a major cause of loss to homeowners and businesses alike. While the video clip has a humorous tone and happy ending, it does not always end up so comical.

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Do Trucks See You?

Video truck crash

Take a quick look at the video below of a recent accident on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Remarkably, the driver who took this dash cam video was not injured.

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Mind the Gap: Don’t Get Caught in the Auto Lease Gap Trap

Mind the gap

Gap insurance is a smart move when leasing a car.

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Umbrella Insurance Covers Super Bowl Accidents

Umbrella insurance

Most people are not inclined to consider risk factors around the house or business that could lead to a lawsuit, but let’s face facts… So, how much lawsuit protection do you have? Does your business or family need more protection against unforeseen incidents?  Here is a list of real life

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Move Over and Slow Down!

Highway Patrol

New York’s new law… did you know? Are you aware of the new law regarding a stopped emergency vehicle or police vehicle? Drivers must reduce speed on all roads and highways. On parkways, interstates with multiple lanes, drivers must move from the lane adjacent to the emergency vehicle, unless it

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7 Ways to Save on Insurance

Avoid premium pitfalls and save the big bucks! And why not!

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