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Electrician Insurance

Electricians are among the highest educated contractors but many are in the dark when it comes to business insurance.  We hope to shed some light on that subject and help our electrician clients to the very best protection.

Electrician Insurance

Our General Liability Package includes:

  • Electrician’s Contracting Liability: $1,000,000 per incident, $2,000,000 aggregate per year
  • Blanket Additional Insured protection at no additional cost
  • Tools insured up to $10,000 per claim
  • Equipment insured up to $25,000 per claim
  • Material protected up to $10,000 per claim
  • Leased or borrowed equipment insured for $100,000
  • Business Interruption Insurance: helps you recover during your downtime
  • Crime Indemnity

Our “Top Notch Service” with our personal touch care means you get 24/7/365 availability with us, when you need it most. When you call, you always speak to a person, no voicemail, our experienced staff that understand your business, and you never make an 800 number call to an insurance carrier again.

Local service, local people. Call or email us anytime, we like to hear from our electricians.

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