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Umbrella Insurance

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella When It Rains

Umbrella insuranceWe can all use another safety blanket, just like the one used by Linus, Charlie Brown’s friend. We live in a world that promotes litigation, and it’s critically important to protect yourself, your family and your business from unforeseen lawsuits.

Your basic auto insurance, home insurance, and business liability will provide you with a good base of lawsuit protection. But is it enough? Can you be sued for more than that basic coverage? The answer is an affirmative YES!

Call or email us today.  We can show you how affordable it is to increase your legal shield against incidents like this:

  • Your pet schnauzer bites the neighbor’s daughter, causing permanent facial damage
  • Your errant golf shot hits the mayor in the local charity outing
  • The old Honda’s brakes give out and you accidentally hit a pedestrian at the mall
  • A trusted employee swings their briefcase and hits a client in the shin, breaking his leg
  • At the weekly baseball game, junior flips his bat after launching a home run, and accidentally injures fans in the stands
  • That new client is leaving your office and slips on the only patch of snow on your business steps, fracturing his tibia
  • The July 4th bash at your home ends abruptly when the wood deck on your house collapses, sending partiers to the local hospital with injuries

We can show you how to increase your lawsuit protection to $1,000,000 or higher. Contact us today before its too late.

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