Protect your Home and Business when Temperatures Plunge

Burst pipes = rain forest in your home = trouble nobody wants

IciclesFrozen is an acclaimed Disney movie, but there is nothing entertaining when it comes to frozen pipes and the watery mess that can result from this disaster.

The last month has brought very cold temps to northeast USA, coupled with heavy snow and blowing wind.  It’s not uncommon for a water pipe in your house to freeze, even a hot water pipe. You may not even realize it until you hear that hissing sound of misting from pipes in your garage, or when you return from a day away and find a bathroom flooded with unexpected H20.

Do you know how to turn off the water in your house? Check out this short 30-second video and take a minute to find the shut off in your house; it may save you thousands in damage.

Contact us if you have a burst pipe in your house, most insurance policies will cover the ensuing damage, but first, turn off the water.

Stay safe and warm.