Unless the water pipes break in your house while you are away.

Kids and water

Most homeowners consider broken water pipes to be a winter event, but it can happen at any time of the year.  There is no doubt that very cold temperatures, high winds and an opening in your house can cause undue pressure on your water pipes, potentially causing them to break and spew water throughout the house. But summer is the time most homeowners spend extended time away from home, so there is a chance you could suffer extensive damage from a water line burst and not even know it until you come back home.

Homeowners insurance will most likely cover you for this type of event, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent it in the first place?

Going away on vacation this summer? Here are some tips that may help prevent your return to an indoor swimming pool at home base.

  • Be sure all outside water spigots are securely turned off at the house, not the house nozzle.
  • Consider shutting down any lawn irrigation systems while you are away.
  • Definitely shut off the hot and cold water feed lines to your washing machine…this is the #1 culprit with summer water line breaks.
  • Consider shutting the main water valve in your house.  Check with your plumber to be sure this will not damage your heating systems.
  • Install a water sensor in your house that will alert you by text that there is an H20 issue ongoing. Rely on professionals to install any signaling or alert system.
  • Ask a neighbor to check on your house every few days… friendly, trusted neighbors can offer to help each other and it’s not a bad idea to have them take a look inside your house for other possible problems.

Let us know if you have questions.