This may give an idyllic vision of move-in day at college, but we did come up with an actual reason to think about insurance for college bound students.

College moving in

Hey there, most college students begin their encampment in dorm-style housing and parents worry about how they will cope with all the new pressure. But what about their personal belongings? Are they safe?

If you think about the cost to replace all of those precious personal items packed in the back of the family SUV (and on the roof!), it really adds up. Clothing, bedding, laptops, cell phones, printer, audio equipment and yes, even some books.

Your home insurance may provide coverage for these items, but there is a deductible that applies and the policy contains some exclusions that may not be best suited for the student away from home.

We encourage our clients to check out the insurance available to the students living in dorms, off campus housing, even while studying abroad. These college-sponsored plans are designed specifically for the needs of the student and are usually priced low enough that every student can afford it.

If you have questions and need to get educated (we know, bad joke…), we are here to help you. Email or call us any time.