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The recent storms that wreaked havoc in Texas and Florida captured the heartfelt attention of our nation. We encourage everyone to contribute to the relief effort of their choice. We are all Americans pulling together for one another.

Could a flood affect your property, and are you protected? Here is a brief quiz that might surprise you:

True or False?

  1. Flood insurance is covered by my home insurance, I don’t need to worry: FALSE
  2. Floods only occur in oceanfront regions, not in my town: FALSE
  3. I own a condo, I don’t need to consider flood insurance: FALSE
  4. Even if I don’t have flood insurance, FEMA will pay for all of my flood damage: FALSE
  5. I already have flood insurance, I know 100% of my home and belongings are covered already: FALSE

Are you concerned about the potential for flood damage in your home or business? Check out the valuable information below that all homeowners and business owners should know, and contact us if you are interested in getting a quote.

The quote costs nothing, being unprotected can be costly.

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