Mold removal

Summer, a great time of year unless you have the summertime mold blues…

Mold and Leaks, scary words for us homeowners. Now is a good time to reconfirm what home insurance usually covers and does not cover.

Homeowners insurance is not designed to cover damage from mold that results from poor ventilation or a leaky pipe or roof. Remediation of the mold is also not covered.

Mold that results from a covered type of loss such as storm damage or a pipe break is usually covered up to a certain limit.

Water leaks can cause rotting wood and serious decay over time and need to be addressed as soon as they are discovered. Delay can cause further damage and also create a potential health risk within the household environment, so please address issues as they emerge.

Got moldSudden and accidental broken pipes will generally trigger coverage for the resulting damage, including discovery of the source of the break. Contact your contractor as soon as you detect water damage and email or call us the same day. Be sure to document your damage with pictures and notes.

Natural flood and ground water seepage into a basement are not covered under the homeowners policy. Coverage for natural flood can be obtained via a Flood Policy; ask us if you have interest in this area.

As mold can cause serious health issues, it is important to make sure that any damp areas have proper air circulation, ventilation and dehumidification.

Should you wish more information on this subject please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. It’s our pleasure to assist our clients and their families and businesses.