We Live in an Overly Litigious Society These Days

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There was a time when a simple apology for dinging someone else’s car in the tail end would suffice, along with adequate compensation to repair the damage to the other car.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the norm.

The question is, how much do I really need to buy?
The frequency of lawsuits for negligent acts is on the rise, and our current economic condition in our country is not curtailing this activity to any extent.  You may not be able to prevent the accident from occurring, but you can properly insure yourself.

The question is, how much do I really need to buy?

If your assets are limited and you are a renter, you probably don’t need more than $300,000 protection.  But if you own a house, have a generous income, and have accumulated sizeable assets, you are a big target for lawsuits.  If you fall in to the latter category, you should consider a minimum of $1,000,000 liability or more.

Here are some frequent questions we hear from our friends and clients:

If my car is in an accident and I'm not the driver, I cannot be sued, right?

I know I can be sued, but not for more than my basic insurance.

My car was stolen and the bum got into a terrible accident. Am I still liable for damages and injuries?

I bought an 'Umbrella Policy'. Now I am covered for anything that happens to me, anywhere, anytime, any reason.

Bottom Line:  Every one needs proper lawsuit protection, from the newly minted college grad to the well heeled corporate exec.  Check with us and we will guide you towards the level of insurance that you need, and then you can rest your head on that fluffy pillow at night knowing you did the right thing.

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