It’s Super Bowl Week and the outcome of the big game is not the only sporting question on the minds of many. Whether the New England Patriots triumph or the Seattle Seahawks dominate, questions of fair play abound.

Up in Boston, they’re battling the after-effect of Winter Storm Juno with 2 feet of blowing snow and frigid temps but the air that everyone is talking about is the missing air in the footballs. Is it fair?

In Seattle, the talk is of crowd noise, that overwhelming cacophony of fans that blister the ears of the opponents and cause unforeseen miscues that some consider one-sided.  Is it fair?

Super Bowl

So, what are we to make of this?

Fair play is about rules… going by the rules, obeying the rules, failing to break the rules. We believe in fair play.

At McCarthy Insurance, the side we’re on is yours. We’re always here to back you up with honest advice and straightforward answers.  Trust us when it comes to your business, your home, your auto. We know the rules, and we know how to best protect you, no fumbling here.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, may the better team win, and be safe.

Thanks for your business; we truly appreciate it.