Outrageous lawsuits

If you’re a business leader, it can pay to always expect the unexpected, as seemingly bizarre legal actions can potentially be brought against you and threaten your business continuity. In addition to commercial insurance for protection against things like property claims, lost income and workplace injuries, you should consider adequate liability coverage to help you in the event your business is sued.

Fully considering adequate risk management with your independent agent, before an issue ever arises, might just save your business from a real nightmare.

Here is a list of 5 truly strange lawsuits that were actually filed against businesses:

  1. A class action lawsuit was filed against a popular coffee company on behalf of a customer who felt as though they were cheated out of the beverage due to too much ice being in the cup. The customer claimed the cold drinks contained less product than advertised by the company.
  2. One man sued two prominent private magicians for stealing his “Godly powers” for a combined $52 million. If someone can think this far outside the box – and actually get a suit like this heard by a court – your business could literally face any range of strange lawsuits down the road.
  3. After a dry-cleaning service lost his pants, one inventive gentleman decided to sue that business for $54 million. Obviously, those pants were not that expensive, but the man posited that he had a strong sense of mental trauma because the dry cleaner did not fulfill the “satisfaction guaranteed” promise.
  4. A woman sued a TV station when the weather forecast they reported turned out to be inaccurate. The woman claimed she got sick because she inappropriately dressed for the weather and said she was caught in the rain that was not predicted.
  5. One man sued a television network after claiming a show caused him to vomit and run into a wall. The man claimed watching contestants eat rats on a popular TV show caused him to throw up, which raised his blood pressure so high that he became disoriented and walked into a wall.

​In truth, predicting such odd lawsuits is just about impossible. However, when your small business has the right lawyer and adequate liability coverage on hand before that first suit is filed, you will be better-positioned to avoid court appearances and even damaging decisions, as some of these bizarre cases are actually ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

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