Be honest all you NY baseball fans, you really thought that this fall would bring you hope, one way or another. You made it through a very long baseball season; surely the sports gods would shed some mercy on us and let us have one winning season with the pigskin. Not to be, not yet at least.

Insurance is a bit like sports. Some years, its a winning season when the weather is great, the auto accidents are fewer and homes and businesses suffer less claims.  Then come the Sandy years as they will forever be known. Hurricanes barrel up the coast, wreaking devastation, ice storms knock out power to thousands, and lady luck has a bad day with your car.  It happens.

Hurricane SandyIn the insurance world, we understand each year can be a challenge and you might not know what it is until you are faced with it. So, like the fresh grass on the infield in spring, the newly-painted yard markers in the fall, and the polished hardwood on the basketball court, we prepare for the season, ready to take on what it offers.

We will be here for you, ready for the next at bat. We rise to the challenge and look forward to assisting you.

We might not be able to help you with New York sports teams but let us know if we can help with New York insurance.