Walking on a snowy path

Winter is coming, and often that means a period when you may experience an insurance claim for damage to your home or auto.

We hope the storms avoid you and calamity finds its way around you. Should you find yourself in a claim situation, be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Put you and your family in a safe situation first;
  2. Document the incident and the damages (be careful what you say);
  3. Take notes and snap pictures with your cell phone;
  4. If police are involved, be sure to note the police township and contact info;
  5. Call or email our office or your carrier ASAP (find your carrier)

Timely reporting of claims will yield a more positive and accurate reply to your insurance needs. Waiting can cause delays and will possibly cause more questions, so please let us help you by communicating with us at your earliest convenience.

Be well, be safe, best regards to all.