Truck on side

Take a quick look at the video below of a recent accident on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Remarkably, the driver who took this dash cam video was not injured.

Summer is fast approaching; a time when many folks are out and about, working, or on vacation, and traversing the interstate. We’ve all experienced that nervous feeling as we pass a large truck, or it passes us.

  • Does the truck driver see me?
  • Am I too close?
  • What if the truck changes lanes suddenly?

Here are some easy, helpful tips to keep you safe:

  • Pay attention, treat trucks differently than you would cars: Large trucks cannot change speed  or brake nearly as quickly as a car. Anticipate and leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the truck.
  • Stay visible to the truck: no tailgating, no passing in the blind spot. If you cannot see the truck driver’s face in his side mirror, he cannot see you either.
  • Signal, signal, signal: Use your directional signals early and often when passing a truck. And be aware of the trucks signals too, as he may be switching lanes as you approach.
  • Rain, snow, wind: trucks are big, heavy vehicles. But they are just as affected in adverse conditions and once off kilter, are very challenging to recover. Be very aware in poor weather conditions.
  • You get a flat or need to pull to the side of the road for an urgent matter: Exit fully out of the lane of traffic and please double check for oncoming vehicles before exiting out the vehicle.
  • Road rage: do we really need to address this? Yes. Engaging in any form of road rage is dangerous, and illegal. That danger only magnifies when a truck is involved…enough said.
  • Expect the unexpected: be alert, do not be distracted (put the darn phone down), and be a patient driver… it may save your life.

Truck blind spots

Enjoy the summer days ahead, be safe and sound…